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What does the DRINKS app do?

The DRINKS app brings wineries and retailers peace of mind through real-time tax and compliance plus accurate on-demand reporting — removing barriers to entry to growing ecommerce wine sales and reaching customers across the country. With the DRINKS app, wineries and retailers can host their online stores with Shopify and tap into thousands of apps, process payments, integrate Point of Sale systems, offer personalized wine clubs, and much more to provide customers better experiences that increase the bottom line.


How does DRINKS' Shopify app work?

The DRINKS App integrates within Shopify Plus stores to provide real-time alcohol tax and compliance. Once installed, the DRINKS App allows you to prompt shoppers for their age and Date of Birth, filter non-compliant wines for each shopper, calculate taxes in real-time through the Shopify shopping cart, and generate reports for regulatory filings. Recognizing that every winery is unique, the DRINKS App was developed with flexibility in mind and allows you to tailor each compliance setting to your winery’s specific needs.


How do I get started with the DRINKS App?

Add DRINKS in the Shopify app store. Once the app is installed, there are a few additional steps to get your store up and running:

  • Step 1: Configure DRINKS

  • Step 2: Activate App Embeds

  • Step 3: Enable DRINKS Tax Service


Can DRINKS adjust what wines are available based on shipping state?

DRINKS dynamically filters your product catalog for every shopper and can restrict ineligible wines from being added to the shopping cart or hold non-compliant orders for manual review. This functionality is controlled within Shopify and can be customized to address your needs.


Can I add new states after the initial setup?

Yes, new delivery states can be added at any time in the “Configuring States” section


Does DRINKS support the sales of products in both single bottle and pack quantities?

Yes, the Products Tab allows the configuration of single bottles, multi-bottle packs, and different variations (i.e. 750 mL and 1,500 mL) for each product.

If you are using a different bundling app in Shopify to create your Packs from individual SKUs, you will need to add these Packs to the Products Tab in DRINKS to ensure proper reporting and tax calculation.


What kinds of reports are available?

Detailed report generation for state tax filings, including aggregate volume by state and state summary reports including sales, credits, and returns.


How can wineries see which compliance rules are active?

The Compliance Rules Tab shows which pre-configured compliance rules are Active, Partially Active, or Inactive. Clicking on a section allows you to configure compliance rules for each state. For example, if State Specific Notifications is showing Partially Active click on that heading to see which state or states are toggled off.

DRINKS allows wineries to configure each compliance setting to meet its unique needs. If those needs change over time, be sure to update your Compliance Rules to reflect your current compliance procedures.


Why do wineries have to change their Tax Provider to use the DRINKS app?

DRINKS partnered with Shopify to enable real-time tax and compliance fully embedded within a native Shopify checkout experience. This deep integration requires wineries to use the DRINKS tax service to process every order in real-time – allowing customers to adjust non-compliant orders before they are submitted to your business.


Can DRINKS calculate taxes for non-wine items?

Yes- the DRINKS app now supports non-wine items, like branded t-shirts. 


What if I have a compliance question?

Each winery’s compliance and shipping situation is unique, and the DRINKS team will happily provide guidance on how to set up DRINKS to accurately reflect your compliance model.

Please note that DRINKS does not provide compliance, tax, or legal advice. While the DRINKS team can explain what each field in the app does, a winery or retailer may want to choose its own configurations or overrides.


What compliance is handled on the backend? What can be overridden?

DRINKS provides hundreds of pre-configured compliance rules that can all be adjusted to reflect your  unique compliance setup, including:

  • State-specific notifications (e.g. California Prop 65)
  • Dry zip code enforcements
  • Volume limits per order
  • Volume limits per customer
  • State product enforcements
  • Enforce age verification (at checkout)


How are tax calculations updated?

DRINKS regularly watches for local and state tax rate changes to help wineries and retailers accurately collect and remit applicable taxes. DRINKS updates tax tables as expeditiously as commercially possible. These changes are done automatically unless manually overridden for a state.


How is reporting to the states handled with the DRINKS App?

The DRINKS app does currently supports state reporting but not auto-file. An integrated solution with auto-file is being worked on to launch soon.


Does the DRINKS app work on all Shopify Stores?

Currently, the DRINKS App requires Shopify Plus.


How is Age verification handled at checkout?  

DRINKS helps ensure that every sale is legal and compliant. Merchants have several options they can enable to ensure customers are of legal drinking age:

  • Age verification popup when new shoppers enter the store
  • Date of Birth collection during account creation
  • Date of Birth collection during checkout
  • Configurable 3rd party, state-approved, age verification solution at checkout. Age verification is configurable by state (turn it on or off) and is performed in real-time while the customer is completing the checkout process. While this age verification tool is not required by all states, the tool can be utilized for all sales.


Does the DRINKS App support state reporting? 

DRINKS generates a monthly report which contains all information required for State Sales/Use Tax and DTC reporting


Do you provide an auto-file service?  

No, not at this time. Please contact your DRINKS representative to discuss integration options with your current filing provider or recommendations.


How does the DRINKS App supplement product data from Shopify with alcohol-specific data that enables accurate tax calculation and compliance checks? 

Shopify remains your master database of product information. DRINKS automatically pulls in your products and supplements standard product data with alcohol compliance information (i.e. ABV, volume). This compliance information remains only in DRINKS. 


Does the DRINKS App provide localization support for multi-language/multi-currency?  

DRINKS supports merchants specifically for sales to the US market.


Does the DRINKS App work with native subscription apps?  

DRINKS accommodates a growing list of subscription apps. Each app implements subscriptions in a unique way, and we’re happy to configure DRINKS to accommodate your company’s setup. Please contact us to discuss your specific configuration.


Can I use ShipCompliant’s Auto-filing with the DRINKS app?   

DRINKS data exports are compatible with ShipCompliant AutoFile. Today, this requires existing ShipCompliant customers to export reporting data from the DRINKS App for import into ShipCompliant.  We expect to provide a fully automated process for merchants in Q1.  Please contact us for more information.


Is the DRINKS app available for merchants who sell wine?  

Yes. DRINKS supports licensed producers and retailers in a wide range of licensing and shipping configurations. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss your company’s compliance configuration. 


Is the DRINKS app available for merchants who sell spirits?  

DRINKS supports spirits retailers today. Support for spirits producers (distillers) is coming soon.

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