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Any time you add a new product to Shopify, it will automatically get added to the DRINKS App, but you need to add additional product details in the DRINKS App for the tax and compliance to work properly.

What happens if I don't fill out the additional product details in the DRINKS App? 


If you do not fill out the details for a wine product, it will fail our compliance checks and cannot be purchased.

General Merchandise

If you do not configure a general merchandise product, it can be purchased but it would have NO tax applied.

Product Types


  • Vintage– the year when the wine's grapes were harvested 
  • Color*– select the most accurate color from red, white, or rosé
  • ML*– volume of wine within the product in milliliters
  • ABV%*– Alcohol by Volume %
  • Wholesale Price- the wholesale price for the bottle, if applicable.
  • Brand*– name brand of the bottle. Type a new Brand or select one from the dropdown list 
  • Class*– select the most accurate classification from fortified, sparkling, or still
  • License*select which licensed entity is associated with this Wine
  • State Lists– select State Lists that represent where this Wine can be shipped. Choosing more than one State List enables the sum of all states (for example, if State List 1 includes CA and CO and State List 2 includes NJ and NY, the Wine would be available in CA, CO, NJ, and NY). You can also choose individual states.


If you sell packs, kits, or bundles on your website made up of individual SKUs, you must go into the DRINKS App and set up the product as a "pack," and then select which individual SKUs make up the pack.

For each Pack in your store, configure which Wines are in the pack.

  • Product– a Wine within the pack
  • Quantity– number of instances of the Wine within the pack

General Merchandise

If you sell non-alcohol items, they need to be configured as product type "Gen Mdse" in the DRINKS App.

Subscription Products

If you sell subscription-only wine products (i.e., a quarterly wine club), they need to be configured as product type "Subscription" in the DRINKS App.

Ignored Products

If you no longer plan on selling a product but don't want to remove it from your Shopify products admin, you can "ignore" the product. This is generally used by merchants to remove archived products from the "Unassigned" product type.



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